Getting the right support is key to good property development. This alliance brings together like-minded individuals into a members’ community, because we know property development can be a slow-burn, sometimes lonely, process, even for the more experienced developers among us. By joining us you’ll have access to a vibrant community that’s building on our collective knowledge.


Acquire the knowledge you need to take on projects with confidence and carry them through to success. Our range of accessible educational courses – from two days to 12 months – walk you through what’s involved at each stage of the development lifecycle and give you the skills to deliver successfully. Our teaching methods range from face-to-face workshops to regular webinars and online resources, developed from years of prior learning and experience.

Whole lifecycle practical delivery and support

Whether you’re a hands-on developer or investor that likes getting down to the detail of a development project, or you prefer to carry out your project using a fully-managed service, we can help. We provide practical guidance, plus fully-managed delivery through our in-house services. We have an excellent contact book of preferred delivery partners and approved suppliers, to help when you need them, at every stage of the development lifecycle. Don’t go it alone – let our expertise support you along the way.

Our members


We welcome anyone who’s involved in property development to join us, as we become the industry’s voice. Whether you’re new to property development, or have some experience already, or whether you’re an investor or an industry professional – such as an architect, builder, or acoustician – you can benefit from PDA membership.


As well as individuals, we also welcome smaller industry organisations to join us. Whether you provide professional services, or you’re a supplier to the construction industry, joining us could open up your business to new clients, opportunities and networks.

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Danger UXB!

by Steve James

When you're appraising a development site, and particularly a brownfield site, you really do need to anticipate all aspects.

Moving up from amateur to elite

by Richard Little

To become a successful and confident property developer, you really do need to get into the right mindset. And that means moving up from being an amateur to becoming an elite.

Create your story

by Brynley Little

Through our Property Developers Academy courses, and on my travels meeting people interested in property development and investment, I always tell them we're not really developers – we're marketing people. Because we're creating stories, not just property.

Case study