Make the best-informed decisions when you invest in property development. Whether you’re a property developer, investor, land-owner or lender – let our appraisal service guide you.

Designed for property developers, investors, land-owners and lenders, our appraisal service provides the crucial and credible information you need to make informed decisions to de-risk and maximise your investment.

Our comprehensive and objective desk-based appraisals are split into three core stages.

1. Initial appraisal

This first stage will produce a low-cost report that helps to ‘red flag’ potential issues before unnecessary time and money is invested. It will typically include a basic overview of environmental, local and site restrictions that may affect any potential development.

2. Pre-planning appraisal

This report delves into relevant planning policies, planning constraints and planning history to find out whether the desired planning permission is likely to be granted or not. Any impact that planning has on a development is also assessed.

3. Full development appraisal

This in-depth report draws together the vital information that you must consider in order to establish a project’s viability. By analysing potential issues, we are able to offer possible remedies. The report also presents outline design schemes and a financial spreadsheet with detailed costings where a residual value for the development can be determined. This appraisal is key in assisting you with your acquisition and funding negotiations. Follow-up consultancy provides further support once you have considered the full extent of the report.

Unless we give a project a ‘red flag’, it will progress through stages one to three of the appraisal process. Each stage is equally important in determining whether or not the project merits more of your time, money and effort.

High Level appraisal

This additional report can be added to the process before a full development appraisal. It creates guide numbers to direct you in your initial negotiations with the vendor.

Operations manual

If you’d like to carry out your own initial appraisal, we provide a useful operations manual, giving you a step-by-step guide on how to evaluate your chosen area.

Additional services

We also provide a bespoke reactive appraisal support service for developers, investors and lenders. For projects we have not previously appraised and that may have encountered difficulties, we can help you decide on the most appropriate course of action.

To find out more information about our appraisal service, please contact us.

Our appraisal service is delivered in partnership with PD Appraisals.

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