Through our Education service we provide UK-leading education for property developers. We offer an extensive range of digital and physical workshops, training, coaching and mentoring for both aspiring and experienced property developers and investors.

We explain what’s involved at each stage of the development process to provide you with the right skills, systems and strategies you require to build a successful, sustainable and scalable property development business.

With more than 40 years’ experience and over 3,000 developments completed, we are passionate about helping others learn what it really takes to be successful in property development.

Are you looking at property development to fast track your property journey? Do you already have a profitable property business and are now looking to scale up to bigger and better things? Do you want to generate six-figure profits per deal, giving you more money, more time and more freedom? Amidst the disruption in the buy-to-let market are you now looking to take advantage of other opportunities in property? Are you looking to build a lasting legacy for future generations? Does the creativity of building, or redeveloping, something excite you?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then our training and continued support will help lay the foundations you need to ensure each project you take on is a success, paving the way for you to generate massive wealth and build your future.

We currently offer the following workshops and programmes, to suit all levels of experience and ambitions in property development, ranging from two-day workshops though to 12-month Academy programmes:

  • Property Development Discovery Workshop
  • Development Appraisal Masterclass
  • Elite Developers Academy
  • Property Development Inner Circle Mentorship


The great thing about the content shared on our workshops and programmes is that you can take action straight away and apply it anywhere in the country, in any market and on all sizes of projects; from small single plots to large multi-unit developments.

To find out more and register on one of our courses, please contact us.

Our Education services are delivered in partnership with the Property Developers Academy.

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