Let our funding experts help you secure the most appropriate funding solution for your property development project.

Every property development project needs funding to get it off the ground. As the PDA’s funding experts we help developers by matching-up their requirements to secure the most appropriate funding solution, from a project’s start to its finish.

We help remove some of the funding obstacles that property developers can face when it comes to getting entirely viable, new projects off the ground. We also help find attractive projects for brokers, lenders and investors.

New funding sources are coming on-stream all the time. This means good news for developers and funders alike – especially as many more traditional lending routes, such as banks, aren’t lending in the ways they used to.

The key issue is in finding these new sources, and that’s where our support is invaluable. Because we have a deep and broad understanding of the needs of both the developer and the lender or investor, plus we have excellent contacts, we can quickly and readily match-up developers with various funding and investment solutions.

Our services

  • UK-wide reach that matches-up funders to the full range of property development project types that require finance.
  • We facilitate the healthy working partnerships that are needed to see projects through to completion and profit.
  • We act as a conduit to put together pre-qualified developers with the most suitable funding solutions, such as brokers and lenders.
  • We are continually building our portfolio of funders ready to invest, and developers looking for project investment.

All initial contact with our funding hub involves following a straightforward enquiry process. This covers matters such as whether planning is in place, your project’s headline financial details, and your exit strategy.

To find out more please contact us.

Our funding hub service is powered by RDT Invest, who have more than 20 years in the property investment, business, and finance sectors.

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