We offer an extensive range of products and services to guide your property development project through successfully from start to finish. From development appraisal and project management – and the benefits gained from procurement expertise – to education and training. Becoming a member gives you direct access to a wealth of expertise, support and money-saving benefits.


Our Education service offers an excellent range of online, classroom and practical educational courses for both aspiring and experienced property developers and investors. These explain in detail what’s involved at each stage of the development lifecycle – and the knowledge you’ll need to deliver successful and profitable projects.


A full understanding of what each project entails, right from the start, is key to development success. Designed for property developers, investors, land-owners and lenders, our appraisal service provides the crucial and credible information you need to make informed decisions to de-risk and maximise your investment.


Gain from the benefits of our unique processes, and our partner and supplier arrangements, through our procurement service; an online shopping portal that gives you convenient access to goods and materials nationally for your project, at unrivalled discounts through our membership subscriptions.

Project management

Whether you’re a large-scale seasoned developer or just starting out, our project management experts can undertake or guide you through the essential steps needed to ensure smooth delivery of your property development project.

Development services

As a member of the PDA, you’ll have a wealth of member benefits, including access to our list of preferred professional services suppliers, such as architects, acousticians, building control and planning consultants, to name a few.

Business services

As a member of the PDA, you’ll also have access to our preferred professional services suppliers, such as financial and legal specialists.

Funding hub

Every property development project needs funding to get it off the ground. Our Funding hub helps developers by matching-up their requirements to secure the most appropriate funding solution, from a project’s start to its finish.

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