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As a friendly and supportive members’ organisation, during 2017 we will be offering two levels of membership, depending on your level of experience and involvement in property development. Joining us at the level that’s right for you means you’ll get the practical support and guidance you need to help you on your property development journey. Our free level, Explore, is available now, so sign-up today.

Level one: Explore

If you’re new to property development and considering taking on your first project – either as a developer or as an investor – then joining us at this introductory level is one of the best moves that you’ll make.

All you need to do is register for free, and you’ll receive our monthly newsletter and a range of useful online resources, tips and hints, plus other essential information you’ll to need to get you on the right track at the start of your property development journey.

Membership registration

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Our additional membership levels

During 2017 our Essential membership level will become available, providing exclusive access to practical products and services to help your property development journey.

Level two: Essential

Our Essential level of membership is suitable if you’re already involved with one or two smaller property development or refurbishment projects, as a developer or as an investor, and you’re considering moving onto larger projects.

This is the stage where you’ll most need the sound, professional guidance we can provide, as you scale-up your business and your ambitions. As well as receiving our monthly newsletter, and useful online guidance, tips and hints, you will also benefit from:

  • Exclusive access to our online Essential members’ area
  • Access to our closed Facebook community
  • Articles, videos, blog posts and interviews covering detailed content across the development sector
  • Regular expert *live* online Q&A clinics
  • Themed online training sessions
  • 1 FREE ticket to the 2-day Property Development Discovery Weekend
  • A discounted place on the 3-day Development Appraisal Masterclass
  • Fast track service from PDAppraisals PLUS 1-2-1 analysis sessions
  • Exclusive access to the Alliance Funding hub
  • Exclusive access to our pre-construction & project management services
  • Exclusive access to our iBuy Procurement Portal (offering significant savings)


Danger UXB!

by Steve James

When you're appraising a development site, and particularly a brownfield site, you really do need to anticipate all aspects.

Moving up from amateur to elite

by Richard Little

To become a successful and confident property developer, you really do need to get into the right mindset. And that means moving up from being an amateur to becoming an elite.

Create your story

by Brynley Little

Through our Property Developers Academy courses, and on my travels meeting people interested in property development and investment, I always tell them we're not really developers – we're marketing people. Because we're creating stories, not just property.