Foreword from our chairman

“Development can be a highly profitable and very rewarding business, but I’ve also seen how money worries, legal problems, or just simply taking an ill-judged decision can have a devastating effect on others. There are some golden rules in getting it right – starting with the seven key steps of property development, and contained within that our nine pillars of appraisal.

“One of the main reasons why, together, we’ve established the Property Development Alliance and want people to join us, is so we can work collectively as a vibrant, learning and supportive organisation run by its members, for its members.”

Richard Little, Property Development Alliance

Our story

Do you know at first hand the ups and downs of property development? We do. It can be an incredibly exciting and rewarding business. It's creative, transformative, inspirational and profitable. But it can also be a lonely and insular world at times, where unforeseen issues can crop up, as well as worries about money and deadlines. With more than 100 years' combined experience of working on projects big and small, we understand what it takes to develop properties successfully – whatever the economic climate.

Our purpose

We're a vibrant, friendly member organisation that gives practical and realistic guidance to property developers and professionals, investors, land-owners and lenders. We want your property development projects to run smoothly and successfully from start to finish, however big or small.

Our team

We're property developers, project managers and procurement specialists. As the founding team of the Property Development Alliance, we're sharing valuable lessons, our knowledge-base, contacts books and skills with our members, across the UK. Building on our combined experiences, we provide education, practical support, and member benefits to the development community, and act as a collective voice in this fast-paced and fast-growing sector.

Giving back

We believe it's important to nurture the next generation of construction industry professionals to help secure a brighter future for property development and all involved in it. As part of our corporate social responsibility, or CSR, activity, we invite a number of selected undergraduates, such as architecture or surveying students, to attend one of our popular and respected property development courses for free. We are also planning further initiatives to help do our bit for our local communities and the wider society.

Media information

The Property Development Alliance is unique in offering support and mentoring to individuals and small teams of property developers. We regularly publish news and opinion pieces in response to national issues. If you're a member of the media and you'd like to find out more or arrange an interview with one of us, please get in touch.

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Danger UXB!

by Steve James

When you're appraising a development site, and particularly a brownfield site, you really do need to anticipate all aspects.

Moving up from amateur to elite

by Richard Little

To become a successful and confident property developer, you really do need to get into the right mindset. And that means moving up from being an amateur to becoming an elite.

Create your story

by Brynley Little

Through our Property Developers Academy courses, and on my travels meeting people interested in property development and investment, I always tell them we're not really developers – we're marketing people. Because we're creating stories, not just property.

Case study